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Welcome to this week’s issue of 3 Minute Thursday.

I want to start by taking a moment to share something that happened this week that really had an impact on me. As I was walking home from the gym one night, I saw a large crowd staring out at the water. I walked over to see what everyone was looking at, and there was a dolphin swimming so close that I could’ve practically reached out and touched it. I ended up sitting there for the next 60 minutes watching it swim upside down and entertain the crowd of people. It was truly incredible. Just one dolphin put a child-like smile on 30+ people’s faces.

The thing that stuck with me is that I almost missed this beautiful life moment. I almost missed it because I had my headphones in and was staring down at my phone not paying attention. This realization made me think about how many other moments I’ve missed because I’d been sucked into my device. I got really angry at that thought. 

I challenge you to talk a walk this week and leave your phone at home. Not on do not disturb, not in your backpack or purse, at home. Take some time to notice life’s beautiful moments right in front of you that you take for granted.


I say none of what I’m about to say to brag. 

In the last two weeks I’ve learned how to:

  • Build a website from scratch
  • Set up an email marketing service
  • Do paid google and social media ads
  • Create an LLC and small business bank acct
  • Set up commerce and stripe payouts

I literally learned all of this without spending a dime. Google and YouTube are cheat codes—use them.


I gotta tell ya, I used to absolutely hate reading. I think it’s because the stuff they made us read in grade school was the absolute worst. I mean who wants to read Moby Dick or Shakespeare?  Well, within the last 2 years I’ve actually started reading, and holy shit…

Some of the smartest individuals to ever live literally pack their entire 40 year careers into an 8 hour book. 

Pure gold. 

I wish I realized this earlier, but I’m glad I finally got the memo. I’m about half way through reading Trillion Dollar Coach, it’s a phenomenal Biography about Bill Campbell, one of Silicon Valley’s all-time leading executive coaches. One of my friends who used to be a professional football player told me about it, so I figured it had to be good. Definitely check it out if you want to learn about leadership, teamwork, chemistry, and comradery in a team setting.


With that, I’m going to leave you with one quote to ponder and reflect on:


“He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.”

— Michel De MontaigneI

In case you missed it, my best performing post of the week was about the Pygmalleon Effect

Until next week,

Brandon Turp

Voice of 3 Minute Thursday

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