Just Give, Unfamiliarity, and Culture


Welcome to this week’s issue of 3 Minute Thursday.


Give relentlessly.

Love with everything you’ve got.

Let go of every ounce of hate you’ve ever felt.

Just give.

When you get tired of giving.

Give more.

When someone talks shit about you.

Give more.

When you feel like quitting.

Give more.

It always comes back around.



I recently got back from 2 weeks on the road and had a great time. I’m sharing this because I used to get anxiety being away from home for long periods of time. Being in unfamiliar territory made me feel like I was outside of my safe space. Fast forward to today, I don’t get anxious at all.

What changed? Two main things:

  • I realized this was normal and changed my perspective.
  • I put myself outside of my comfort zone, and over time I grew into it.


Recognize that fear is normal and watch it evaporate in front of your eyes.

Throw yourself into the fire, and you will adapt. It’s what humans do best.



And with that, I’m going to leave you with a quote,

“Culture is so incredibly important because it is the foundation for all future innovation. People with passion can change the world.”Brian Chesky, Founder of Airbnb


In case you missed it, my best performing post of the week was “How to nap like a NASA Astronaut”.

Until next week,

Brandon Turp

Voice of 3 Minute Thursday

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