Don’t be a 5 year old, Soul Searching, and the Impossible


Welcome to this week’s issue of 3 Minute Thursday.

When you receive an invite to an argument, you have one of two decisions:

Option A)

  • Accept invite to argument
  • Elevate blood pressure
  • Look stupid
  • Regret it later


Option B)

  • Ignore invite to argument
  • Go on with day peacefully
  • Calm and happy


Ahhh yes.

Which one sounds better?

I’ll take Option B with a side of option B please.

Much easier said than done though.

In real-time it’s much more difficult to deflect.

What if it’s in front of other people and I look like a coward?

What if they keep going because I don’t stick up for myself?

All legit questions.

But ask yourself, what’s worse:

Letting someone else think you’re weak or accepting the anger into your own mind and body?

I say, instead of meeting anger with anger.

Meet anger with empathy.

You can always choose not to accept the invite 🙂


One Question:

If money wasn’t a thing and you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

Feel free to send me your answers, I’d love to read them.


One Quote:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

— Nelson Mandela

Until next week,

Brandon Turp

Voice of 3 Minute Thursday

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