Challenges, Vulnerability, and Being Direct


Welcome to this week’s issue of 3 Minute Thursday.


January came to an end, and I completed a 30 day challenge of daily writing, 30 mins of cardio, and no alcohol. It was a fun challenge, and I made some interesting discoveries.

Writing: Daily writing has given me immense clarity. It know it sounds crazy, but I can literally feel my brain expanding. Within 1 week I decided to change this challenge to 12 months.

30 mins of Cardio: This was difficult. Most days I hit the stationary bike. For me it seems to be the easiest form of cardio. On the days where I wasn’t feeling energized, I settled for a long walk.

No Alcohol: I didn’t find this difficult, but I still enjoyed the challenge. Despite not being a big drinker to begin with, I realized that I had never gone more than 2 weeks without alcohol. At this point, I will feel the effects of just two drinks for an entire day. I feel incredible, and am going to see how long I can go without alcohol.

Pick one of these 3 challenges: Write daily for one week, Exercise daily for one week, or no alcohol for one week.


The word Vulnerability has been on my mind a lot. Every Friday for the last 2 months, I’ve been meeting a group of 3 other guys at a WeWork at 5am. We didn’t know each other up until 2 months ago. The purpose of the group is to help each other kill our fears and hold each other accountable to our goals. I know what you’re thinking, “you guys sound way too intense”. But it’s not that deep.

Most people, especially men, don’t have a personal “board of directors” who they can be vulnerable with, but who also challenges them at the same time. This past week, one of the members shared something with the group that he had never shared with anyone in his entire life. Never in his life, and he’s well into his 30’s. Being vulnerable is so incredibly powerful. It breaks down walls and builds intimate connections.


A quote I’ve been reflecting heavily on: 

“Your success is measured directly by the number of difficult conversations that you’re willing to have.” 

I couldn’t tell you why (maybe I could), but I’ve never had a problem being incredibly direct and honest with people I care about. Deep down I know that I care, and because I do I’m comfortable telling someone the truth.

I’ve realized that not everyone is nearly as direct as me, and it can be intimidating. Usually when someone is first getting to know me, they are a bit taken back the first one or two times I’m direct with them. After they realize my intent, they actually end up seeking my feedback because they know it will be unfiltered. I’m not saying you should be disrespectful, there’s a huge difference.

I think being direct is a skill that everyone should harden, it pays dividends in business, friendships, and relationships. It’s also helpful to practice with yourself. Your ability to be direct and honest with yourself is invaluable.

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