Cancer, Looking Forward, and Learning Forever


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This past week I had my family in town.

One night I sat on the couch and shared a glass of wine with my Uncle who battled Colon cancer a few years back.

I wanted to learn about his mindset during his fight, and how he was able to defeat a life threatening disease.

I started asking questions.

Was he scared? Did he think about death? What was going through his mind?

What he said amazed me.

He said, “It wasn’t until after the cancer was gone that I realized that not once did I think about not making it.”

I was floored.

Not one time did he even consider not surviving.

I’ve been reflecting on this for the last few days now.

The power of the mind is really no joke.

Was it his survival instincts kicking in?

Or did he just have the mind of a soldier?

Whether it’s cancer, a relationship, or a career, sometimes we must reach a point where we convince our minds that there is only one way forward.


One Question:

What’s one thing you’re currently excited about?


One Quote:

“Learn as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow.” — Gandhi

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Brandon Turp

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