Action, Top Fears, and Innovation


Welcome to this week’s issue of 3 Minute Thursday.


A big theme for me this past week was Action.

I did some reflecting, and realized that there was one specific sentence that changed my entire outlook on life.

“No one will ever believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.”

My cousin said this to me when I was 20 after I told him that I couldn’t believe I was helping train NBA players.

The lesson?

Start acting like the person you want to become.

It may not feel real to you at first, but it will look real to others.

With time, others will start treating you like that person, which is when you will start feeling like that person.

All you need to do is convince the outside world that you are who you want to become.

It’s really that simple.



I recently started my first coaching cohort of 8 people and am loving it. The group includes a:

  • Quadrilingual Doctor
  • Professional Soccer Player
  • Software Engineer / Musician
  • General Contractor
  • Law Student
  • UX Design Engineer
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Fashion Advisor


Their number one most cited fear?

Never reaching their full potential.

In terms of their professions, these people have virtually nothing in common. But not becoming the greatest version of themselves scares them.

Guess what? It should scare you too.

Now I’m not saying you should become a robot. Achieving your maximum potential can and should look like living a balanced and healthy life. But a balanced and healthy life is relative to each unique individual. What makes you happy may not make someone else happy, you have to find your own equation.

Reach your full potential by taking time to understand what makes you happy.



And with that, I’m going to leave you with a quote,

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” — Steve Jobs

You don’t always need to innovate. You should be careful when making this decision.

Think about a time where you innovated instead of followed and it paid off. Now, think about a time where you innovated but should have followed.

Then think about a time where you followed instead of innovated and it paid off. Now, think about a time where you followed but should have innovated. 

Reply to this email with your reflection. I’d love to hear your examples.


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Until next week,

Brandon Turp

Voice of 3 Minute Thursday

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