Angels in Hell, Tectonic Plates, and Taekwondo


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I’ve been thinking about what inner peace truly means. Sometimes, peace doesn’t always look or feel beautiful. To me, peace is more of a state of being. Peace can look like a monk in a warzone, an angel in hell, an innocent child in a bad place. Peace can exist in terrible situations. It isn’t always a calm breeze and a soft blanket.

Peace is awareness that sometimes painful and difficult to process emotions are temporary. Peace is recognizing that emotions are moving through you constantly, but you don’t have to give them control. Peace is having the ability to move calmly and gently through your day.

Peace is choosing to not give your energy to things that don’t serve you.



Your health is like one of Earth’s tectonic plates. Constantly moving and shifting. But everything rests on top in a fragile state. Think of the 7 continents as your Mind, Body, Spirit, Partner, Family, Career, and Hobbies. You can remove a friend, and the other 6 continents go uneffected. You can remove your career, and the other 6 continents go uneffected. If you remove your health, the tectonic plates, everything collapses.

Think about your diet and exercise as a daily vitamin. Without taking this vitamin, your life expectancy drastically decreases. If you care about your Mind, Body, Spirit, Partner, Family, Career, and Hobbies, put your health before everything.



And with that, I’m leaving you with a quote:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” — Bruce Lee

Pull out a pen and paper (not your phone), and take 30-60 seconds to write down what this quote meant to you. No interpretation is wrong.


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